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Effectively Collect-Consolidate-Close Online Prospect Leads. is a web-based, lead prospecting application designed especially for the new home industry. We bring all of your Internet leads automatically to your subscription dashboard. You may add your telephone inquiries and walk-in traffic to the system in order to manage effective prospect follow-up.

Effectively communicate through elegant customer relationship tools that build credibility and confidence from the first point of contact. systematically collects lead referrals from all sources: including Internet Listing Services, domestic leads, pay-per-click, and telephone queries, into a streamlined, simple, elegant buyer response process. Our online brochure and floor plans dramatically portray the beauty, efficiency and amenity of your project at a digital glance.

Better target advertising dollars by revealing what advertising sources are actually producing income. lets you know what advertising dollars are working for you and how your sales representatives are actually presenting your product. Can you be absolutely certain that your sales representatives are responding to your hard-bought Internet advertising in a timely and professional manner that properly reflects your product identity?

Require accountability for each Internet lead while providing a superior means of telephone and traffic follow-up utilizing dynamic graphics.
We provide faster lead response time coupled with strategic call to action follow-up system that always results in higher lead conversion. Each Internet lead, staff response, revisit and request is tracked through Lose Another Valuable Lead.

Create a virtual office that is always open to your prospect, 24/7
With 77% of home buyers shopping the Internet, you will not miss the opportunity to respond to their interest in your product anytime day or night. is always present to return a timely and impressive graphic representation of your product.



Tulsa, Oklahoma based, with offices in Dallas and Houston, fuses marketing, branding and web technology to increase online presence and market share for their national clients. Specializing in the real estate industry, also serves healthcare and financial services industries. Professional services include innovative web development, lead generation and tracking, sales integration, touch-screen kiosks, marketing material creation, video production, e-commerce, hardware support, hosting, search engine optimization, and affiliations with industry pioneers for online reservation and availability tools.

With 50 years of collective property management experience, the team possesses a unique perspective and secure understanding of our clients and their goals.

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As a builder, you trust the brands that have served you well over the years, or have been referred to you by trusted colleagues.

Branding your own product is vital to successful sales, and building a credible identity requires as unique a set of tools.


A logo is an image, a title that identifies your product as being set apart from other builders, makers and manufacturers.

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